SportsPen April 17, 2018 – NMU Moosemen, Bucks game 2, Rodgers drama

The Bucks have Game 2 against the Celtics, and Blake is certain the Bucks will win. Two members of the NMU club rugby team, the Moosemen, join Blake in studio to talk about their season, upcoming events and concussions in the sport. More drama (or not) with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, and why is running for sport a thing?

SportsPen April 12, 2018 – NBA playoffs preview, SVG vs tanking, mock draft season

The Bucks got what they wanted and will face the injured Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy says tanking is disrespectful to fans, but is it really? Of course, it’s mock draft season so you’ll hear the latest projections for the Lions and Packers, and Green Bay will see a familiar face in the preseason.

SportsPen April 11 – Helene St. James on Wings, Shea Patterson drama, Bucks chances

Seth Wells from TV6 joined Blake in studio to discuss the complicated web of playoff and draft scenarios for the Bucks heading into their final game of the season. They also covered the Shea Patterson/Ole Miss drama and talked Red Wings with Helene St. James. You’ve probably noticed the Tigers are having trouble scoring, but did you know they’re historically bad?