Bristol Trip

ESPN Bristol Studio Trip

ESPN Front Row Feature


Cafe table with ESPN 970 sign
Casey & Tom in front of welcome affiliates scoreboard
Casey & Tom at hotel
Casey & Mark Schlereth
Casey & Bobby Valentine in front of sign
Casey & Bobby Valentine
Casey at sportsdesk
Casey and Bobby Valentine
Casey, Tom & Bobby Valentine
Casey, Sandy & Tom at hotel
Casey & Tom in front of welcome WZAM scoreboard
Casey through studio window
Casey talking baseball with Ravech
Casey stunned by all the equipment
Casey listening to Van Pelt
Casey editing at table
Clock at ESPN at night
ESPN 970 table the night before
ESPN cafe sign
ESPN mission statement
ESPN newsroom
ESPN newsroom set
Golic talking to Cleveland station
Herd, Golic, Greeny and Gotleib at luncheon
Jalen Rose
Karl Ravech in studio
Millen makes a point
Millen getting serious
Mike & Mike Show June 1 2011
Matt Millen laughing at Casey
Mark Schlereth
Millen talking to Casey
Night before
Night before with sign
President Obama NCAA brackets 2009
Ravech listening to Casey
Ryen Russello
Ryen Russello after interview
Sandy at BBQ
Sandy at sportsdesk
Sandy through studio window
Station tents from a distance
Sportspen sign
Sign on skywalk
Sign at hotel
Scott Van Pelt reacting to Casey
Stats & Liam
table night before
Tom & Casey in new ESPN studios
Tom & Casey in TV studio
Tom, Casey and Matt Millen
Tom rolling in behind Casey
Tom on air in new ESPN studios
Tom at Sportsdesk
Tom at ESPN on mic
Tom, Van Pelt & Casey in studio
Tom talking on the air
Van Pelt talking to Casey
Welcome affiliates scoreboard
Welcome WZAM scoreboard
zoom in of Sportspen sign prior to equipment setup