Charles Belt on NMU men’s basketball playing Michigan State

Northern Michigan University men’s basketball assistant coach Charles Belt joined the SportsPen with Blake Froling and Jake Durant to talk about the Wildcats’ upcoming exhibition game with Michigan State on Tuesday, October 30.

Interview: Emily Waldon, Tigers minor league reporter for The Athletic, June 19, 2018

0:00-0:38 – Most attention ever for Tigers farm system
0:39-1:41 – How improved farm system is from four years ago
1:42-2:50 – Biggest positional weaknesses
2:51-4:04 – ETA for Christin Stewart
4:05-5:05 – How long of leash does JaCoby Jones have?
5:06-6:19 – Casey Mize timetable
6:20-7:08 – Does Mize project as ace?
7:09-8:49 – Under the radar draft pick
8:50-9:59 – Competition difference between college ball and minors
10:00-11:06 – Does Tigers quick start affect rebuilding plans?
11:07-12:07 – Most valuable trade pieces
12:08-13:10 – Buyers or sellers market at the trade deadline?
13:11-14:25 – When can Tigers become contenders again?

SportsPen June 7, 2018: Beilein explains decision, NBA Finals are over, Packers swag

Blake Froling and Jake Durant discuss John Belein’s explanation for returning to Michigan, Jake’s sad about the NBA Finals, Shea Patterson got drafted and the Packers’ secondary has “swag” according to Jake.